Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Forty-Four Image Poems by Norman J. Olson Now Available

Cover art by Norman J. Olson
The final - definitive - chapbook that will be published by mgv2>publishing. Norman J. Olson, the artist, writer and poet lives in Maplewood, Minnesota. His images have been reproduced in dozens of art and literary magazines and publications throughout the world. Longing for quiet and stability, Norman avoids personal contacts with the public. His art is driven by the compulsion and obsession of a man who prefers his own company. In spite of this self-imposed seclusion, Norman J. Olson is becoming an artistic underground legend. One of the most supportive artist/author of the journal mgversion2>datura since 2006 (ten years after its creation) it was just natural that I published the work of one of the most accomplished and recognized artist and now poet in the small-press world.

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