Monday, 21 December 2015

Marlène Tissot & compagnie

Marlène Tissot & compagnie

Couverture souple, 108 Pages

Prix : 6,00€ (HT)

Édité par Walter Ruhlmann
Co-édité par Marlène Tissot
Illustration de couverture :
« Broken Doll», photo Marlene Tissot
© mgv2>publishing & contributrices, décembre 2015
ISBN: 978-1-326-49767-5

Le 17ème volume dans la série X & cie, le 8ème en français. Marlène Tissot a réuni autour d'elle de nombreuses auteures talentueuses: Lidia Badal, Samantha Barendson, Isabelle Bonat-Luciani, Séverine Castelant, Hélène Dassavray, Estelle Fenzy, Alexandra Kalyani, Mélanie Leblanc, Mijo, Murièle Modély, Perrine Le Querrec, Jany Pineau et Saida Roquet.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Poem Without A Title by Klaus J. Gerken

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Poem Without A Title
by Klaus J. Gerken

Art cover by Klaus J. Gerken

© mgv2>publishing, December 2015

ISBN: 978-1-329-74041-9

Klaus J. Gerken comes with a collection of poems where art and humanity are seen as a whole and come together in a deep vision, an epiphany.

Modernity is inspired by what was eon ago, like the flow of a river bed which sediments nurture the life we see.

This collection of poems in four parts will make you travel through time and space and meet some of the most important figures in history, good or evil.


Canto II (extract)

Flow of lava that destroys
but replenishes the earth
Life was not possible
without the lava

Building block
Hills of garbage
Excellent châteaux
are built on

To find civilization
look for garbage

The extension of art
is its foundation
thus for life
a journey
not a resurrection
but a continuation
star matter formed us
so eventually
we will form
stars again

from Poem Without A Title by Klaus J. Gerken