Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Dark Pool by Peter O'Neill

The Dark Pool
By Peter O'Neill

Paperback, 90 Pages
ISBN 9781326226978
Copyright mgv2>publishing & contributors
Price: €6.00

From Brigitte Le Juez's foreword

With this volume Peter O’Neill offers, once again, the demonstration of his talent, a mixture of vivid imagination, erudition and sensitivity. This talent is profound and exuberant, and with the mastery of his art, poetry has become second nature to O’Neill. Indeed, his poems demonstrate at every turn his knowledge and love of the literary tradition (from Virgil) whose heir he is, although he subverts it, ruthlessly sometimes, in the style of his forefathers (especially Rimbaud and Beckett, to whom he pays homage, and Baudelaire whom he translates here).

The Dark Pool
first published in mgversion2>datura -- mgv2_77 | Pen is Envy | 07_14

Poor Paper, here I am again, my altar... my wall.
A place to come to which is always deserted,
like a landscape, but after I am gone others may
perhaps, appear and investigate... the silence, the peace!

Within these sounds I try to tunnel out a form in space
so sonorous as to be almost porous, and from such
a shape of breathe, light might possibly appear
filtering in, illuminating momentarily, the mind.

There in the dark pool like a pebble or stone
on first entering with a definite drop, disturbing,
at first violently, the skin- like- liquid surface,
causing the celebrated ripple effect, chiaroscuro.

All of this merely sensory evocation so that you
may perhaps trace your birth and origin
from this solitary point of departure, where
like as in a well, the sphinx descends spiralling

towards her utter ruination, her leonine body ravished
causing her lips to curl with displeasure.
Here inside this spirit, this dome, the images come
and go like ghosts exploring their familiar haunts.
I embrace them, if the truth were known.
These sublime terrors, their exquisite torture.
The roses velvet touch, crushing the little blood,
falling like petals, awaiting now, the greater flood.

Monday, 16 March 2015

And Agamemnon Dead Published and Available Today

And Agamemnon Dead
By Peter O'Neill et al.

Paperback, 187 Pages        

Price: £6.00

And Agamemnon Dead
An Anthology of Early Twenty First Century Irish Poetry
Edited by Peter O'Neill & Walter Ruhlmann

Michael McAloran -- Amos Greig -- Dylan Brennan -- Christine Murray -- Arthur Broomfield -- Peter O’ Neill -- Rosita Sweetman -- Michael J. Whelan -- Anamaría Crowe Serrano -- Peadar O’ Donoghue -- Strider Marcus Jones -- Colm Kearns -- John Saunders -- Kevin Higgins -- Paul Casey -- Sarah Brown Weitzman -- Eithne Lannon -- Maighread Medbh -- Jack Grady -- Bob Shakeshaft

"...there does indeed exist a whole world of writing out there which seems to live in a parallel universe alongside the more familiar voices which appear in the mainstream media, here in Ireland.  There is nothing remarkable being said here, is it not always the case in every period, no matter what society? There will always be the majority, who somehow would appear to expound the specific values and criteria which that particular society holds up." Peter O'Neill extract from the Preface< Less