Friday, 11 July 2014

Stale Angst by Daniel N. Flanagan

Stale Angst by Daniel N. Flanagan

Edited by Walter Ruhlmann
with a foreword by Amber Decker
cover art by Kevin Dooley
© mgv2>publishing & the contributors July 2014

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Daniel's poetry is gritty and dirty and dark, but also beautiful in the way that the angel-faced girl crying in the bathroom of that dirty bar we just slipped out of is beautiful, with tendrils of dark hair falling into her eyes and black lines of mascara snaking down her cheeks. She is the same girl who cries in every bathroom of every bar in every city whenever she hears her favorite song playing and remembers what it's like to be kissed by someone who loves her. Or, at least, someone who pretended very well and then left her all alone to pick up the pieces. I'm sure Daniel has already met her. Or someone like her.
Amber Decker. June 13, 2014