Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Amber Decker & Friends | Coming Up Next Month

Important News

I remind you that from January 2013 on - starting with the forthcoming issue mgv2_71: GOLF - Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden - the publication will shift from bi-annually to quarterly.

mgv2_72: When the Moist meets the Hard | 04_13
mgv2_73: Sometimes You're Nothing but Meat | 07_13
mgv2_74: Otherworldly Mammals | 10_13
mgv2_75: They | 01_14
mgv2_76: Visual Poetry & Asemic Writing | 04_14.

Despite my strong will to carry on translating both English and French contributions, this time consuming task will not be possible anymore; neither in mgversion2>datura not in the recently launched project X & Friends.

I really hope this won't put any contributors off and that you will still believe mgversion2>datura is still a publication you would like to place your work in.